Which material are Ana Tere Canales cases made of?

iPhone cases are plastic, rigid on the back with a soft plastic bumper which protects your phone´s edges. Our Macbook cases are rigid, transparent, snap-on plastic cases.

Are all the cases hand painted?

Yes, each and every case is a work of art, designed and carefully hand painted.

Why does the price range vary among the designs?

As all the cases are hand painted, the price changes due to the time of elaboration and materials used.

Does the paint come off?

No, all the cases go through a series of special processes after being painted, which protect the paint from coming off.

Will my case look exactly like the one on the image I buy?

No, since they are painted by hand, each piece is unique, meaning that your case will be painted using the same color palette and technique as the sample image.

There will be variations in the final result, such as arrangement and intensity of color and strokes, this variations are precisely what make your case unique, just like you.

Is it possible to change a color within the design I choose?

Yes, if you wish to change a color within the design please contact us through our Facebook fan page Ana Tere Canales, or send us an e-mail at hello@anaterecanales.com, and we will gladly take your order. No changes to the design can be made after placing your order through our Online Shop.

If I want a custom design, how can I order it?

If you would like to personalize your Ana Tere Canales case, whether it be with your favorite quote, monogram, or a specific image or concept, contact us through our Facebook fan page Ana Tere Canales, or e-mail us at hello@anaterecanales.com and we’ll gladly give you a quote for your design and take your order.

Does the laptop case include top and bottom part?

Our laptop cases include both parts, the artwork is done on the top part and the bottom part is clear.

How do I know which laptop model to order?

We strongly recommend you to double check the model and size of your laptop to ensure you are ordering the correct one. You can check your laptop´s box or access this information on your Mac’s main menu bar, on the top left corner, by clicking the Apple icon, and clicking on About This Mac. It is very important to know the exact size (screen inches) and if it is Retina or not because the cases are designed to be a perfect fit to the Mac and won’t fit on the wrong laptop model.

What happens if the case I receive is the incorrect one for my phone or laptop?

We recommend you to be sure that the size you’re ordering is the correct one before placing your order. If you need orientation in the process, contact us and we’ll gladly help as soon as possible.

If the mistake lies in Ana Tere Canales team sending you a different size than the one detailed in your order, we will gladly make the change cost free, taking into account production time to be able to paint the case. If the articles shipped match the articles ordered and the mistake lies in the client ordering the wrong size, Ana Tere Canales will not be held responsible.

Which delivery company do you use for shipping?

We use Fedex for shipping inside of Mexico. Once we ship out your order, the package will arrive within 2 to 5 working days to the address provided.

Where are the cases produced and shipped from?

All cases are hand painted and shipped from Monterrey, Mexico.

Each of our products are hand painted, your case will be hand painted using the same color palette and technique as the design on the sample image. There will be notable variations such as the strokes and color intensity and arrangement, and it is precisely what makes your case unique, like you. Cases do not require a special care or treatment but are not meant for rough use.

If you have any doubt, please contact us and we’ll gladly sort it out:

E-mail: hello@anaterecanales.com

Facebook: Ana Tere Canales

Instagram: @anaterecanales

Whatsapp: (+52 1) 8112120553